Automated dosing could be the solution to problems costing you thousands in replacing equipment.

Why should you consider automated dosing?
Automated dosing units do all of the work for you.Chemical applications are measured accurately according to your pool water’s needs.This means you save on acid and chlorine!And of course on those specialised items you seem to need each time yougo into some pool shops…..Automatic Dosing puts Safety first – Ensuring your pool is safe to swim in for your children and yourself.Constantly checking water and maintaining safe levels.And it saves wear and tear on other pool equipment ….

Chemigem information
Chemigem is a brand of chemical dosing unit.It can conduct tests and act accordingly up to over 30 times per hour.While controlling pool lights and cleaning systems and it works with heating systems and pumps.It has a 2 year warranty with an additional proportional warranty on the probes.Call us on (08) 8349 5097 for more information.


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Chemflo Plus
Like a Salt Water Pool?Some people believe that the salt chlorinator manages their pool chemical output.  They also believe that a salt pool has no chlorine in it.  A  salt chlorinator can only manage salt (sodium chloride) when it has a fully automated salt system with pH dosing monitor.  Whereas:The Chemflo can be used with the salt chlorinator you already have.It automatically checks your salt and pH levels and activates the chlorinator or doses the acid as required. It suits both pools and spasGiving you the best of both worlds – the salt-water you like in a perfectly balanced pool – always! 

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