Gas Pool and Spa Heaters are always the fastest and in many places the most economical form of heating that you will find.  It also puts you in control like no other heater does.

Pentair offer a premium series of heaters known as the Mastertemp.

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Why should I consider a Pentair Mastertemp?

  • Fast  Heat up time - no long waits to use your  pool or spa

  • Rotating digital display means better accessibility to controls, even if it's in a tight spot.

  • Best energy efficiency for appliance type

  • Sleek updated looks and easy to use controls

  • Built to last inside and out

  • Super quiet operation for tranquil relaxation beside the pool AND good relationships with your neighbours!

MasterTemp gas pool heater

Can be installed on flammable flooring.

Overheat prevention mechanisms.

Worried about your pump overheating? The MasterTemp has a sensor to protect your pump. 

Quiet operating noise.

MasterTemp 125 gas spa heater

Smaller version of the standard MasterTemp for spas up to 30,000 litres.

Has the same energy efficiency as other heaters, but in a smaller design.

Like all MasterTemps, it sports the Eco Select brand for economic efficiency, and the rotating display for tight heater placements.

So if you are interested in a pentair mastertemp.....

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Or even visit Pentair’s website for more information by following this link: http://pentairpool.com.au/en/44/Home/Products/Heaters/-/MasterTemp-74

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